Team leasing – a modern cooperation model in outsourcing

Team leasing is actually an extension and combination of other services that we offer. In this package, we take care of everything, from building a team tailored to the project, to controlling and monitoring the effects of its work. We take full responsibility for the entire project so that you can focus on sending reports to your customer. 

Team leasing is perfect for many situations. Particularly in projects with a certain dynamism, often generating additional tasks and downtime. The team may vary in size, responsibilities and line of work as required. It is up to us to organise and focus on our  next tasks. You control the results, having the entire process under our supervision. 

We know because we have done it before

Many years of experience have taught us that the most difficult task is to create an efficient team. Our work is based on analysing the candidates’ skills, abilities and aptitudes. We know how to delegate specific parts of a project to different experts, we know how to match tasks to an employee's skills and, most importantly, we realise that delegating the right team leader to work with a team is the key to success. 

We ensure stability

We know that you have encountered a situation wherein an employee drops out of your team. The tasks have been delegated, the team is gaining momentum and suddenly there is a gap that needs to be filled efficiently. In team leasing, we take responsibility for the continuity of the team and for filling vacancies with the right specialists. It is also important that when you decide to restructure your team, change responsibilities or modify key objectives, we will also take care of adjusting this to the new realities. We give you complete freedom and flexibility because we believe in your vision!

Team leasing will give you tangible savings

We know how challenging it is to prepare and train employees. Costs are multiplying at every turn. Successive weeks of recruitment, additional training, filling staff gaps and, worse still, wrong choices. All this eats up your precious funds. Therefore, leasing the entire team is the cheapest solution for you. Based on our experience and extensive network of contacts, we take each step in the team building process quickly and confidently. We are not afraid of difficulties because we have already worked out most of them. Furthermore, we know how satisfying it is for our customer to see a team that works well together right from the start. Acting like a well-oiled machine, we save you time.

Case study

Digital Transformation
Deutsche Bank Polska

Usługa polegająca na selekcji, rekrutacji i oddelegowaniu na określony czas przez IT LeasingTeam specjalistów IT do realizacji projektów w siedzibie klienta. Usługa polegająca na selekcji, rekrutacji i oddelegowaniu na określony czas.