Digital transformation – digital first!

At ITLT, we are aware of how difficult it can be to operate different systems based on different programming languages. That is why we have prepared the digital transformation service, i.e. comprehensive support involving analysis, testing, implementation and integration with your infrastructure. What is more, with this solution you can provide your employees with the space to focus on other important tasks and streamline work on the entire project! 

Artificial intelligence for process automation

We are specialists in the implementation of artificial intelligence. We use technologies such as RPA, AI and well-known machine learning. As a result, the solutions proposed by our teams are able to change with the expansion of your infrastructure and optimise processes more effectively than a human could.

Proof of concept – whenever you need a fully functional product

We know that numerous processes in your company cannot be interrupted, so we offer you a proof of concept solution, which will be the initial version of the entire IT system that we will later implement. This gives us time to test algorithms and tools at an early beta stage without live implementation. We know from experience that this is extremely beneficial and definitely reduces the actual implementation time.

We programme, integrate, implement

Whether you are looking for completely new process automation applications or need to integrate existing systems, you will feel our support at every stage of the work. From the first concept, through to the proof of concept and its implementation – we will take care of clean code, your satisfaction and the improvement of your business!

Case study

Digital Transformation
Deutsche Bank Polska

Usługa polegająca na selekcji, rekrutacji i oddelegowaniu na określony czas przez IT LeasingTeam specjalistów IT do realizacji projektów w siedzibie klienta. Usługa polegająca na selekcji, rekrutacji i oddelegowaniu na określony czas.