Body leasing or the missing cog in a functioning machine

We are approached by many companies that have extensive IT teams but, for various reasons, lack one employee to function efficiently. 

In our work, we have encountered dozens of different sources of such situations. Sometimes, the reason is prolonged sick leave of one of the team members, more often it is an extensive project that has surprised our contractor in some way or another. It happens that the starting point is saving money, as no reasonable person would start the recruitment process for a specialist who will only be needed for a few months. 

Whatever the reasons, each of these cases boils down to the fact that somewhere, at the software development stage, there is a space that can be filled by our very people. 

Full control guaranteed!

The type of cooperation we offer also has another undoubted advantage, which is almost always praised by our partners. Body leasing brings an employee into your project for a fixed period, thus allowing you to secure long as well as short projects. It gives you full control over the processes involved and actually becomes a complement to your business.

An invaluable fresh perspective

The undoubted advantage of body leasing is the new employee's fresh perspective on your project. The rapidly growing IT industry means that programmers, but also project managers and analysts, are often confronted with completely new solutions. This is not surprising – everyone needs time to master new knowledge. 

Many times, we have encountered the situation that great challenges require only slight changes. Reinventing the wheel is the case in many companies and is a natural process of their development. However, it is worth speeding it up and bypassing the tedious task of trying to find your way around the code with one well-trained employee.

When you are short of professional support, contact us!

If your project needs the support of a specialist in a specific IT field, or the tasks awaiting you require only a few months of support, or if the application you are working on will be implemented in cycles and you need different skills on your team, just contact us! 

You will find that body leasing is made for you! 

  • Zabezpieczenie projektu w każdej jego fazie. Szybkie rozwiązania dla doraźnych problemów.
  • Proces rekrutacji skracamy do absolutnego minimum. Dzięki temu dostarczymy Ci dewelopera lub cały zespół w odpowiedniej fazie rozwoju projektu.
  • Skrócony czas wdrażania pracownika. Oddelegowani specjaliści posiadają szeroką wiedzę na temat technologii wykorzystywanych w twoim projekcie. okresie próbnym.

Case study

Digital Transformation
Deutsche Bank Polska

Usługa polegająca na selekcji, rekrutacji i oddelegowaniu na określony czas przez IT LeasingTeam specjalistów IT do realizacji projektów w siedzibie klienta. Usługa polegająca na selekcji, rekrutacji i oddelegowaniu na określony czas.