Terms of the paid referral programme of IT LeasingTeam

I. The definition of what is understood in the programme below as “referral of a Candidate”

For “referral of a Candidate” we understand forwarding the contact information in the form of the CV of a recommended individual (or their tel. no.) to ITLT. The recommended Candidate is informed of the fact of being engaged in the recruitment process and expresses his or her interest in taking part in the ITLT recruitment process.


II. Who may be a participant in the referral programme?

1. Anyone apart from internal IT LeasingTeam and LeasingTeam Group employees may participate in the ITLT paid referral system.

2. Participation in the programme indicates acceptance of the terms below that stipulate the programme rules.


III. Rules for forwarding a contact/recommendation and qualification for a paid referral:

1. A programme participant forwards the contact information for a recommended individual in the form of the recommended individual’s CV (or alternately their no. tel.) to ITLT (to rekrutacja@itlt.pl or directly to the person who had provided the information about the need for candidates via social media or webpage).

2. The recommended person was informed by the programme participant about the recommendation and is interested in participation in the ITLT recruitment process.

3. The recommended person had not been previously contacted or engaged in the recruitment process in the structures of ITLT through other channels (e.g. contact via Direct Search, application in response to an advertisement, etc.).


IV. Conditions that must be fulfilled in order for the monetary bonus to be paid:

1. The contact information must be forwarded (in accordance with the above rules) by the programme participant to ITLT.

2. Successful completion by the Candidate, i.e. the recommended individual, of the recruitment process and their employment, as well as their written confirmation of the fact that the recommendation had been made.

3. Commencement of employment by the Candidate, i.e. the recommended individual, with an ITLT Client and completion of one full month of employment.

4. The period, in which payment of a bonus is eligible, is 6 months from the moment of the recommendation (that means, that the bonus will be paid if the Candidate is employed within 6 months of the recommendation).


V. Ways in which the bonus can be paid:

1. The monetary bonus is paid to the programme participant on the basis of the contract agreement made with him or her or through a VAT invoice. The bonus will be paid in full in the second month of employment of the individual referred by the programme participant, i.e. after completion of 1 full month of employment, if the recommended person continues work with the ITLT Client (direct employment or as part of a contract arrangement or other forms of flexible employment or cooperation with the mediation of ITLT).

2. Bonus amount:
1000 PLN net

3. The programme participant is obliged within seven days of receipt of the decision regarding award of the bonus to submit information necessary for the preparation of a contract agreement or issuance of a VAT invoice to the e-mail address given in the advertisement. After this period the organiser has the right to withhold payment of the bonus. Payment of the bonus is possible only after receipt of confirmation of the referral by the recruited Candidate.


IV. Organiser as well as Administrator of the programme is IT LeasingTeam Sp. z o.o.
Points of disagreement or not included in these terms will be settled by the Organiser of the competition.