Refer a friend

With the services we offer, we try every day to reach the thousands of IT specialists who are interested in a career change and developing their career together with IT LeasingTeam. You can help us reach the best candidates on the market and at the same time earn 1000 PLN net!

Refer a friend to us who specialises in IT and is either looking for work or is considering their further career and would like to change something. It is enough to:

1. Get to know the list of current job offers available at
2. Find an offer there for a position that your friend works in now or has worked in before.
3. Ask your friend for permission to refer them and to forward their CV to IT LeasingTeam, and of course you’ll get it.
4. Send your friend’s CV to

If an employer hires a person you refer, who then works for them for a full month, we will pay you 1000 PLN net for the referral!


If you want to learn more, read the  Terms of the IT LeasingTeam referral system