Time & Material

A service for the selection, recruitment and posting for a set time by IT LeasingTeam of IT specialists for the completion of projects on the client’s premises. The project may be either short or long-term, lasting from a month even to several years. The client supervises the employed individual and accounts for both their effects as well as their working hours, thanks to which client can constantly monitor costs. Clients can also react flexibly if it is necessary to increase or reduce the demand for IT specialists.


Benefits for employers:

  • Flexibility – it is possible to increase or reduce the demand for specialists and to adapt their working ours to the current needs of the company
  • Cost effectiveness – it is possible to systematically monitor costs incurred by the company thanks to an hourly rate
  • Save clients’ time – full responsibility for recruitment and posting of specialists to the client lies with IT LeasingTeam
  • Continuity of service – a team member leaving or taking a leave does not have an effect on the work done for a client, IT LeasingTeam ensures a substitute person.
  • Work with experienced specialists – access to experts with great project experience, who have their own business

Permanent Recruitment

Professional selection of IT employees. Selection and recruitment of specialists and managers according to the client’s needs, for a specified period. Clients who take advantage of Permanent Recruitment services save time and receive the candidate best suited to their needs, who they then hire. Clients sign a contract with the candidate on agreed upon terms. This can be an employment contract, a contract for specific work or a contract for work. IT LeasingTeam is responsible solely for recruitment of a candidate and provides a guarantee.


Benefits for employers:

  • Reduced risk of unsuccessful recruitment – thanks to the support of IT LeasingTeam, companies hire the best-suited employee and avoid the situation in which they must bear the cost of repeated recruitment
  • Security – in the case of certain positions, e.g. Administrator, on account of security hiring the employee by the client is the recommended solution
  • Choice of form of employment – employment on the bases of an employment contract, contract for specific work or contract for work
  • Guarantee – if the hired specialist does not work out in the given position or resigns, IT LeasingTeam will repeat the recruitment process

Fixed price

A “custom tailored” service delivering ready IT solutions to clients prepared according to previously determined specifications, for a specified time and price. Clients participate in the project only at the stage of setting the terms, costs and schedule of work. Full responsibility for the proper execution of services and delivery of a ready solution on time resides with IT LeasingTeam.


Benefits for employers:

  • Transferring responsibility – fully responsibility for completion of the project lies with IT LeasingTeam
  • Guarantee – work completed as part of the agreed-upon project is guaranteed
  • Constant costs for the client – appraised on the basis of needs and the schedule for completion
  • Constant view of work progress – the progress of the project can be monitored

Team Leasing

Makes it possible to quickly and effectively complete a team of IT specialists with selected abilities, e.g. development, for the completion of a concrete project. For the management of the team there is usually a dedicated Team Leader, who supervises the work and answers to the client for the completion of the project. Depending on the arrangements, a Team Leader may be recruited by either IT LeasingTeam or by the client. In the Team Leasing model, an employer can react flexibly to the need to increase or reduce the demand for specialists in a team. IT LeasingTeam is responsible for recruitment and employment of the IT team, as well as for HR and payroll services.


Benefits for employers:

  • Quick and effective recruitment process – the company selects the team from pre-selected candidates/span>
  • Comprehensive team service – all employer-related formalities are covered by IT LeasingTeam
  • Personnel flexibility – the team can be expanded or reduced at any time
  • Less involvement and time saving – full responsibility for the team lies with IT LeasingTeam
  • Transparency – the work of the team can be constantly monitored ;
  • Workplace – choice of workplace for the team (offices of the user’s company or the IT LeasingTeam office)
  • Continuity of service – a person leaving the team is replaced by a new specialist, and so knowledge transfer as well as all formalities are the responsibility of IT LeasingTeam

Try & Hire

Employment of IT specialists with specified abilities for a trial period on the Time & Material model, which entails recruitment and posting of candidates for the period of completion of the project. The trial period ordinarily lasts from three to six months. After conclusion of the trial period, if the client wishes to retain the employee, they hire him or her directly on the previously agreed upon terms. In the Try & Hire model, IT LeasingTeam is responsible for recruitment, employment and personnel and payroll services for the employee during the trial period.


Benefits for employers:

  • Quick and effective recruiting process – companies choose specialists from among pre-selected candidates
  • Comprehensive service – all formalities are covered by IT LeasingTeam
  • Limited formalities – reduced number of formalities with the specialist during the trial period
  • Possibility to hire – after conclusion of the trial period