Benefits for IT Candidates

Maintaining good relationships with our candidates is most important to us, and so we have prepared a set of amenities that have a real effect on the level of comfort and positive experience of people taking part in our recruitment process.

Guaranteed Feedback

The lack of honest feedback has a negative effect on the way candidates taking part in the recruitment process perceive potential employers. We rely on the positive opinions of our candidates and that they feel feel comfortable, and so we follow the principle of Guaranteed Feedback. How does it work? A candidate applying for a job offer listed with the Guaranteed Feedback symbol will for certain receive full and honest feedback. The consultant leading the project will not give only an off-hand “yes” or “no” answer, but rather gives the candidate precise information about the reasons for the client’s decision, and will also give advice about areas to work on in order to improve the chances of success in the next recruitment. Guaranteed Feedback is given only to those individuals who took part in an interview.

Protection from extended recruitment

Candidates feel disoriented when they do not know how long a recruitment project they are taking part in will last. Protection from extended recruitment is intended to protect candidates from the negative effects of a drawn-out process. All job offers listed with the Protection from extended recruitment symbol guarantee the candidate an end to the process at the time set during the interview. When setting the terms for a company commissioning the recruitment, IT Leasing Team decides with the employer after how long a candidate will receive Guaranteed Feedback and a hiring decision. Hiring decisions are passed on to the candidate no later than 14 days after the interview.