Case Studies

Creation of an IT team
A technical company is opening operations in Poland and hires the LeasingTeam Group to build a team of 16 specialists for IT maintenance: programmers, testers, specialists for IT infrastructure maintenance, technical and business analysts, solutions architects and team leaders. The LeasingTeam Group completes the project using its proprietary methodology, ASSET LeasingTeam.

Analysis and strategy
IT LeasingTeam analyses the client’s expectations regarding the ideal candidate as well as the market for IT specialists. The primary challenge turns out to be the lack of recognition of the client on the Polish market. On the basis of the team analysis, IT LeasingTeam prepares a recruitment strategy, placing an emphasis on building motivation for candidates to work for the client’s organization. Thanks the team’s expert industry knowledge and experience, IT LeasingTeam prepares competence profiles that makes it possible to find candidates in the employment market quickly. Candidates for junior positions are drawn from the IT LeasingTeam base of candidates and through cooperation with universities. Candidates for senior positions are sought by using the direct search method. Candidates are vetted by means of specialized competence testing as well as psychological testing. Owing to the selection of appropriate methods and tools, IT LeasingTeam consultants select and recommend to the client those candidates that meet expectations. The client meets with selected individuals and chooses those to hire, who are then employed by IT LeasingTeam and begin to work for the client.

Goal achieved: rapid access to a high class of specialists
By entrusting the entire process to IT LeasingTeam, within a month and a half the client acquires two 18-member project teams made up of the highest class of specialists.

Delivery of IT solutions
A foreign company, after undergoing a reorganisation, turns to IT LeasingTeam for help with optimisation of its department for maintenance and development of a logistics support system. The main problem is the dispersion of knowledge and competence, as in this area the client is working with eight subcontractors with highly specialised knowledge.

IT LeasingTeam, a team made up of experienced consultants, including IT specialists, analyses the situation and identifies the causes of the problem: cultural differences between the subcontractors and the client and a reluctance to share knowledge. The solution is to outsource the area of maintenance and development of the system. The client entrusts IT LeasingTeam with responsibility for provision of services and delivering a prepared solution. IT LeasingTeam consultants, working together with the client, defines the key indicators of effectiveness, chooses methods and tools and also plans a strategy for negotiation with subcontractors, containing the proposition of a guarantee of cooperation for a specified time. IT LeasingTeam prepares an implementation schedule and ensures support to the client at every stage. The process is coordinated by an experienced individual in the role of team leader supervising similar projects.

Goal achieved: reduction of costs in the area of maintenance and development of the logistics support system
Thanks to IT LeasingTeam taking responsibility for the area, the client receives a guarantee of the delivery of services. Moreover, establishing a Single Point of Contact simplifies the structure and saves the client’s team time. Within half a year of starting cooperation, the costs of maintenance of this area are 18.5% lower.

Urgent recruitment of new specialists
Three individuals are leaving an internal team of Java programmers. The employer, a company in the FMCG sector, hires IT LeasingTeam for the immediate recruitment of three specialists in this area. Recruitment should be quick and effective, as the individuals who are leaving must pass on their knowledge to the new employees. IT LeasingTeam completes the project according to the schedule presented by the client.

Strategy and schedule

IT LeasingTeam notes the requirements, identifies the profile of the best candidates and determines a precise schedule with the company. The main challenge is finding candidates who are available immediately or who can give at most two-weeks notice. On this basis, IT LeasingTeam prepares a recruitment strategy. Using the direct search method, the recruitment team selects a group of fourteen potential candidates. After initial vetting, five days from the beginning of the recruitment process, IT LeasingTeam forwards seven possibilities to the client. The client invites five of these for an interview. From these the client chooses and hires three specialists. The entire recruitment process is complete within two weeks.

Goal achieved: Quick and effective recruitment as well as reduction of recruitment costs for the client

Thanks to entrusting the recruitment process to IT LeasingTeam, the client finds two new employees within two weeks, shortened the recruitment time by 50%, reduced the number of team members involved in the recruiting process by 75%, and the departing employees were able to pass on their knowledge to the newly hired specialists.

Formation of an IT team on the Time & Material model
A company in the technological sector hires IT LeasingTeam to form a five-person team made up of three .Net programmers and two testers. Work with the new team is to be based on the Time & Material model.

Analysis and solution

IT LeasingTeam conducts an analysis that shows that the amount of work for the new team will be less than the client initially thought. As a result, IT LeasingTeam recommends that the client hire four specialists instead of five. The recruitment team presents to the client four individuals who meet the desired requirements. The client meets the proposed team and within two days decides to hire them through IT LeasingTeam. Thanks the the flexible Time & Material model, the client can work with the team hired through IT LeasingTeam in accordance with their own needs.

Goal achieved: Rapid access to a team of experts as well as reduction costs

Thanks to taking advantage of the Time & Material service, the client found a complete team of specialists, saved time in finding them, does not have to take care of personnel, payroll or administrative services, has full control over the costs as well as an elastic model of work with the team of specialists.